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Title Periodic Reporting for period 2 - BLOCKCHAINSOCIETY (The Disrupted Society: mapping the societal effects of blockchain technology diffusion)
Description Blockchain technologies were subject to much hype in the last few years.

PoSeID-on blockchain - Final implementation

Project: PoSeID-on

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Updated at: 12-01-2022

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Title PoSeID-on blockchain - Final implementation
Description This deliverable will include the final version of the PoSeID blockchain network, the final smart contracts, and the final client, together with a report of the final implementation specification.
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Title Periodic Reporting for period 1 - TOKEN (Transformative Impact Of BlocKchain tEchnologies iN Public Services)
Description The specific objectives of the TOKEN project are listed in the following:- Create and Develop a Blockchain Platform as a Service Solution for piloting the use of DLT as driver for the transformation of